Ben Poeppelman

Ben Poeppelman, a fifth-generation miner and President of Pepcon and Poeppelman Materials, has, along with his beautiful wife Michelle, called Troy home for the last 17 years while raising their three amazing teenage sons, Owen, Kyle, and Cody.

Ben’s company’s Purpose Statement reads: Building the foundation for a better tomorrow. And in keeping with that purpose, he has a passion for giving back to the community he and his family call home, so he proudly serves on several local boards and participates in numerous community events.

Bart Denlinger

Bart and his family came to Troy in 1986 and fell in love with the town and community. He and his wife, Teri, raised three children who graduated from Troy High School, and they currently have two grandchildren at Concord Elementary.

Starting a custom homebuilding business here in 1992, he’s had thirty years of opportunities to expound the virtues of Troy to clients moving to the area, and their top priority was and still is the local schools. And as the next generation prepares to send their children to the classroom, they’ll sleep better knowing they’ll learn in modern, safe elementary school buildings.

Mollie Suber

Born and raised in Troy, Mollie is a mother of three children in the local Troy school system. She’s proud to be a kindergarten teacher here for nine years and remains an active community member. She and her husband moved back to the town she graduated high school from to raise a family and start their careers.

Mollie serves on various committees in leadership roles, and her goal is the best possible, equitable education for all children in a safe learning environment. As an educator, Mollie knows new, updated school buildings would serve Troy’s children with modern tools for the best educational experience, enhancing the community and bringing in new families who want the best for their children.

Alicia Wheeler

Alicia is a working parent, volunteering much of her time to Troy’s school district. Along with her husband, they have a fifth and third-grader who attend Cookson Elementary. She and her family served on the Cookson PTO for five years and have first-hand experience seeing why new buildings are necessary.

She joined this committee because she’s seen struggles with classroom sizes, lack of resources, and the need for appropriate staffing. Alicia and her family want the best for the entire community. She feels every staff member and every student deserves modern, safe school buildings that facilitate learning.

Kathi Roetter

Kathi’s a lifelong Trojan and married her high school classmate, Eric. Together, they have four children, three of whom graduated from Troy High School. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce. In that capacity, she’s seen first-hand the importance of solid and healthy schools for a thriving community and further economic development.

Laura Raskay

Laura’s a proud parent and resident of Troy with two recent Troy High School grads. She’s a former President of the Troy High School Parents Association and a former board member of the Troy Soccer Parents Association.

When Laura arrived in the late 90s, she’d never experienced the strong roots and hometown pride people in this community treasure. But she knew Troy was where she wanted to put down her own roots. Raising her two children here and being active in their school and sports careers helped her love for Troy blossom. Now, Laura wants to see the community grow and thrive for future generations.

Laura Rayner

From 2014 to 2022, Laura was a seventh-grade language arts teacher at Troy Junior High. She has always called Troy home and happily became a local business owner at Smith’s Boathouse Restaurant.

Laura takes great pride in this wonderful community, and as a parent, she’s thrilled to be involved on this committee as the special events chair. Sporting a degree from Lee University in Middle Childhood Education, she’s also a chamber member and involved in the local Valley Church in Troy.

Advisory Committee Members

Doug Trostle

Sue Borchers